A tour in a hotel made for billionaires

Let us show you one of most expensive hotels in the world.
As we haven’t travelled much for the past year and a half, let’s spend some time with our friend LivingBobby, a travel vlogger on YouTube who decides to share his experience online in the form of spending 24 hours being in some of the most fabulous and lesser-known places or cuisines. Today we are accompanying Bobby in his travel review of Burj Al-Arab hotel, the world’s most expensive hotel.
Entering with Bobby we find every golden detail inside made of 24 k gold, we enter the panoramic elevator,we have the most luxurious room service in the world and a personal butler; and everything for 30 % off! The room is actually a two floor suite where the first floor is a living room with a fireplace, extremely comfortable furniture and private office space equipped with an iMac. Bobby has the “craziest” mini bar that offers some of the most delicious cookies and classy drinks. Being an excellent fit for a billionaire lifestyle, the second floor of the suite is again made from three parts: the bathroom, the area meant for personal preparation with a huge mirror and accessoires and the bedroom. Starting in the bathroom, together with the bath it has jacuzzi and four phones in case one would like to order a room service while sitting on the toilet; moreover, it is equipped with expensive products such as hair dryers and four types of shoes to walk around in the hotel. Let us see the “massive” bedroom: gorgeous view over the stunning Dubai, a TV set that disappears so it doesn’t hide the view and the comfiest bed possible. And the room service offers delicious food!
If we decided to have a walk outside the hotel room there are 4 different swimming pools, football playground and infinity pool. And the landmark: a waterpark at the cost of 54 USD.
One advice from us: do your check-in as early as possible.