What We Do in the Shadows is Renewed for a Third Season

FX has ordered more episodes of the horror-comedy What We Do in the Shadows.

If you still haven’t got to know the vampires created by Taika Waititi for What We Do in the Shadows and their American versions, now would be a good time do go ahead and do that. Obviously they will have a long presence on the small screen.

The second season of the American series, which was adapted from a New Zealand movie, has not yet finished airing on the horror-provider FX but nevertheless already has an order for a third season. It turns out that the audience has grown by 25% in comparison to the first season which is a rare and happy occasion in television. Critics have also been very positive in their reviews. With all of this in mind, the third season order is no big surprise.

What We Do in the Shadows – the series is produced mainly by Jermaine Clement – the creator of the original film, along with Waititi. It is considered to be somewhat of a continuation of the film or rather – it develops a parallel story, which takes place in the USA instead of in New Zealand. The action takes place in Staten Island and follows the night life of three vampires who live as roomies – Nanden, Nadja and Lajlo. They have a human… let’s call him servant, who hides a dangerous secret. From time to time Mark Hamill appears as a vampire lord. His role in the show came about as the result of a praising tweet he posted about the show.

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