Top 5 Green Beauties in Science Fiction

We continue the posh rankings of otherworldly beautiful women. Today green is in style.
Every once in a while we forget about the pretense for intelligence and dignity, and we publish rankings of sexy alien beauties. Our oldest ranking is the one closest to our hearts, the next one was more space oriented, and just recently we paid tribute to the blue ladies in the genre. Today we list the five green beauties which definitely won us over:

Martha - Star Trek: TOS & Oola - Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Fifth place is split between two ladies, which definitely had the necessary sex appeal but sadly not enough screen time to make quality use of it. Both of them are exotic dancers with scarce clothing, subjected to a powerful evil master who slays them for mild entertainment.
Martha comes from Orion and has been imprisoned at the mental facility at Elba 2. She's Gart's concubine. Gart manages to take over the mental facility in 2268 by impersonating a doctor. Gart made Martha dance for Captain Kirk and his assistant, Spock, at the iconic starship Enterprise and she made everything possible to charm them. Later on she took advantage of the Captain's indisposition and tried to seduce and murder him.
Unfortunate for her, this plan did not exactly pan out and further on she paid with her life – which ended in a spectacular explosion – for betraying Gart. As a matter of fact, if anyone is blaming the new Star Trek spinoffs for being too bleak and claiming that the original series was an absolutely pure and bright gaze into the utopia of the future, remind them of Martha's story – a cliché bordering sci-fi pornography telling the story of a mad slave woman who serves her master, a toy. What kind of Federation allows for such injustice among its most vulnerable of citizens?
And while Martha is the first sexy green chick on television, appearing as early as 1969, she did have character.
Sadly, we can't say the same about Oola from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, which came out in 1983. Oola is also quite sexy, she's a bit more alien and due to the popularity of the movie, much more popular and appreciated by the audience. Oola is a slave of Jabba the Hutt, and is also quite well versed in erotic dancing.
Her race is famous for their gracefulness, sex appeal and fines in females which is mainly why they are a popular choice for slaves, dancers and concubines among gangsters and other scum living in the far reaches of the galaxy.
During her short appearance Oola performs for Jabba and his guests, but the performance is so tempting that Jabba decides to want something more for himself. Even though he's literally pulling her chain, she resists which makes him so angry that he throws her in the dungeon of his pet – the bloodthirsty monster, which eats her up. It's interesting how in the initial version of the script Oola was supposed to survive and escape Jabba's castle but due to budget cuts her screen time was drastically reduced.
Despite that she is remembered to-day and in time her background story has been further developed in books and comic books.