You've never seen another Maverick quote like this one (200MPH)

Old school cars are still real beasts.
Some people collect napkins, while others collect cars. In a country like the US, where the automotive industry is national pride, devoting one's free time to cars is much more common. This is how we meet the racing driver Jimmy Shaw on a car demonstration in Columbus, Ohio.
This man simply adores cars! 5 years ago he found on eBay a Ford Maverick from 1971 in very bad condition and decided to transform it into a real beast. He says that he always wanted to mix the past and the present engineering schools in the automotive industry so he found the Greenings: a father and son team of mechanics to help him achieve his dream. And to give him a ride at 200 mph.
Greenings confess that none of them has ever seen so well preserved cars from 50 years ago. When renovating it, they found that the metal of the machine is very well maintained but the engine needed a lot of work. Helping Jimmy, they had only one goal: to make this Maverick great again! So, everything outside is polished while under the cover is completely new.
Last month on this Maverick show in Columbus, Jimmy showed us the results of the redesign and gets back the wheel. Originally produced as an economy car, today this Ford reached the turbo speed of 202.7 mph! And Jimmy demonstrates his appreciation both to the original designers and to the Greenings: they want you to drive the car, to use it, and abuse it.