Welcome to the Rabbit Hole - Conspiracy Theories Edition

Do you have too much time on your hands? No worries, we've got a chemtrail-free cure!
knollzw / Pixabay
You must have heard of conspiracy theorists and their tin foil hats. But did you know that tin foil hats are supposed to shield the brain from threats, such as mind control, electromagnetic fields and mind reading.
Well, now you do.
Conspiracy theories and the theorists behind them are usually made fun off without thought, because their theories are usually so far fetched that they are extremely hard to believe.
But what if some of them were actually true?
After all, some conspiracy theories ended up being real.
For instance, MK-ULTRA, a CIA-led program illegally tested LSD and other hallucinogenics on Americans in order to develop mind control. That actually happened but unfortunately, many victims ended up mentally disabled with no superpower on sight.
Anyway, let's focus on some of the craziest conspiracy theories out there and while I advise a heavy pinch of salt, feel free to dig up Internet to find out where the truth lies.
Because... the truth is out there.

The Hollow Earth

You probably already know Flat Earthers but did you know that some people believe that the "Earth is hollow and that there might even be a whole other civilization of advanced beings living in it."
This conspiracy theory started way back in the... 17th century. Edmond Halley – yes, the comet is named after him – an English scholar, proposed the theory that Earth must be hollow because of the changes of magnetism. Before that, many folkloric stories all over the world had a concept of a hollow Earth.
Another scholar, Athansius Kircher, published a textbook in 1664 where he claimed that "Earth contains a central fire (okay, that's not entirely wrong) and vast underground lakes and lava chambers (okay, we are literally getting warmer)."
But then he says: "At the North Pole is a gaping vortex that sucks water down to the central fire, where it’s heated and expelled out the South Pole." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Big Pharma Withholds the Cure for Cancer

This one is a favourite among conspiracists in many not-so-dark places of the Internet (Hello, Reddit!) Basically, researchers have found a cure for cancer but being led by major pharmaceutical companies, they have been silenced so these companies could continue profiting from the very lucrative business that are cancer treatments.
Frankly, it wouldn't be that surprising if this one happened to be true but it would be absolutely monstrous to do such a thing. And who doesn't know someone who went through the devastating disease that is cancer (Big Pharma CEO’s included), right?
But then again, they could also sell the cure, that would make a lot of money too? Unless, the cure is a readily available and cheap ingredient (and that's yet another theory).
Is there any truth in this conspiracy theory? What do you think?

Jesus was Married to Mary Magdalene

Here’s a very, very old conspiracy theory. So yeah, definitely pre-Internet stuff here, not unlike the Hollow Earth but way before that one.
The historical life of Jesus is always subject to debate and one of the aspects of his life that is usually on the forefront is whether Mary Magdalene was his companion or... wife.
It all started in 1945 – but way before people have noticed that there are several mentions of Jesus as Magdalene spouse in the scriptures – but in 1945, the recently-discovered Gospel of Philip refers to Magdalene as Jesus' koinonos, which can be interpreted as "companion" or "partner" in Greek.
Then, not so long ago, came The Da Vinci code, Dan Brown's best seller which capitalized on the alleged marriage of Jesus and Magdalene, and their divine and still-ongoing descendants, the Illuminati and Templar Knights for extra thrills.
While the book is a work of fiction, a 1500 year-old manuscript unearthed at the British Library appears to reveal that Jesus was indeed married to Mary Magdalene and that... he also had two children with her.

The Coronavirus is Caused by 5G Waves

In the hopes to get you giggling, I couldn't miss this very fresh conspiracy theory.
Recently, Wuhan has made news in two very different ways. First, as we all know by now, it's the epicenter of the current pandemic. Okay, check. Secondly, Wuhan was also one of the first cities to use 5G – among other cities in China.
So, the theory is that 5G causes a cell breakdown that mimics the effects of a virus. And that the current pandemic is just a cover to hide the "harmful" effects of 5G on human health.
Be reassured, the WHO (World Health Organization) has mandated an international commission to ensure 5G was safe. The resulting studies found that 5G exposure shows "no conclusive evidence of adverse health effects." Here you go.
Finally, Bill Gates could be the mastermind behind these weird times. Well, that's according to another conspiracy theory saying that he his withholding a vaccine with his co-conspirators and that the disease was solely orchestrated for his benefit (and to depopulate Earth). Oh well, clearly that's what the insanely rich must do with their time.