5 Heads That Can Exist Without a Body

Why would you need a body when you have your head?
Sometimes science finction writers have the weirdest ideas. Genetic engineering, mutations and the development of biotechnology could lead to some really interesting things – one example is heads, which exist without bodies.
Here we're not talking zombies, but living people, who are full-fledged protagonists in their own stories. A century ago this idea was practically revolutionary, as the first place in our rating will prove. Today, though, even though it's hard to find a lot of examples, we've grown used to the idea.

Dorium Maldovar, Dr. Who

Dorium is the latest bodyless head. He starts out as a normal being with a body (as far as a blue alien merchant in the Doctor Who series could be considered "normal"), but later on his body is taken and turned into a headless monk. What do monks do with heads they don't need? They keep them in boxes in a dusty dungeon where no one will bother looking for them. Dorium's story is quite short but fairly important to the plot of the show because he finds the question, which is the centerpiece of the last episode of this season – WHO is Dr. Who?