Cats with Character

A ranking of the most interesting cats in science fiction.
Do you love the little furry critters? How many hours have you spent watching cats meow on YouTube? Maybe you don't share the opinion of Ancient Egyptians about cats being of godly origins and you don't like them because you think that they are egotistic and constantly apathetic? In any case, you're most probably amenable to agree that cats are to the largest extent mysterious and misunderstood. This makes them quite inspiring for our genre.
In this ranking we'll be looking at five cats (and one bonus cat) who definitely have character. Often is the case that they are more interesting than the human characters in their respective worlds. The ranking doesn't include lions (sorry, Simba!) or tigers (another time, Shere Khan) but allows for creatures derivative of cats, such as demons and people living in the body of a cat, as long as they are driven by the cat inside of them.

The Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll, issued by Pan, Hermes, SoftPress, Labyrinth; the movies Alice in Wonderland from 1951, 1999 and 2010
This character's image is most often associated with Alice, but it actually precedes her and no one knows what its exact origin is. In the all-time favorite book Alice meets the Cheshire cat in the Duchess's kitchen and then later on in the branches of a tree from where he both helps her with ambiguous advice and wisdom and confuses her even more. The cat loves asking philosophical questions, which confuse the protagonist and amuse the reader at the same time.
At one point, he is sent to death by beheading but his ability to make his body disappear ultimately saves him – due to which the King and the Queen of Hearts start arguing whether a head without a body can be cut off. In the end it's only his smile that remains because you can't often see smiles without cats. He goes on to become a cult character and is widely loved for his wise thoughts and his strange metaphysical nature.