A Belgian Sci-Fi on Netflix

Trailer for the show "Into the Night"
One of the best things about Netflix is that they give the opportunity to different artists around the world to show what they do best. Although this leads to a large amount of productions, lacking in quality, this also brings about a long awaited variety in movies and shows, especially in our genre. On Friday the first season of Into the Dark was uploaded on the streaming platform - a Belgian post-apocalyptic thriller. The show is about a plane, which always has to fly West. The Sun has suddenly become deadly and has destroyed half of the life on Earth and the only hope for the survivors is to do anything possible to always travel by night.
The show is actually inspired by a novel, written by Jacek Dukaj (we're fans of his Other Songs) - The Old Axolotl. However, the novel is way more hardcore sci-fi and the events in it take place long after the events transpiring in the show's plotline.
Jason George is the creator and producer, he has worked on other international Netflix productions – Jin, Gift, The Protector, but also on way more popular series, such as Narcos, Scandal and The Blacklist. The crew of actors is a commercial for globalism, comprising of actors, famous in their countries, such as Pauline Etienne (from Belgium, she played in The Nun), Laurent Capelluto (from Belgium, played in The Returned), Stefano Cassetti (from Italy, played in the miniseries Rosemary's Baby, 2014), Mehmet Kurtuluş (from Germany, of Turkish origin, played in The Protector), Jan Bijvoet (from Holland, played in four episodes of Peaky Blinders), Ksawery Szlenkier (from Poland), Alba Gaia Bellugi (from France, known back home from Department of False Identities), Regina Bikkinina from Russia and others.
The first season has six episodes, each 35-40 minutes. They are available to watch on Netflix and are, for the most part, in French, but the different characters speak in their own languages in some scenes, so you can also hear Italian, Russian, Polish and more.
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