Time Flows Backwards in Tenet

A second trailer for the next Christopher Nolan offering.

It’s been a while since we’ve known about the new potential masterpiece by Christopher Nolan called Tenet but up until recently we were not aware what the movie will be about. Well now we still don’t but at least we know more about the main idea – in this movie time can flow backwards. First the protagonist will learn to live in a world governed by new rules and after that he and his company will try to stop the third world war.

The movie has been scheduled for July 17 but it’s interesting that the date is not mentioned in the trailer. It’s possible that the producers want to leave an open door for themselves in case the epidemic returns and closes down cinemas for a longer period of time. We are yet to see if the director will continue dazzling his huge audience with complicated sci-fi with higher concepts and we’ll get to find out in less than two months – we sure hope so.

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