6 Cool Movie Props We Want For Ourselves

Sometimes all we can think of is "I gotta have this!"
Movies are about showing us something beyond our everyday reality. Sometimes when watching a movie, all we can think about is "I gotta have this!" Let's see the coolest things that trigger this thought.

Back to the Future - DMC DeLorean

Pretty much everyone has things from the past they'd want to change, be it a historical event gone wrong, a personal relationship, or simply doing something different just to see what happens. Well, the DeLorean from Back to the Future is certainly something we'd all want to drive back in time, or even simply for a spin around the block.
The car's signature gull-wing doors and metallic color make it a cinematic icon. Despite that, the DMC had a rough time on the market, being the only car developed by the company before going bankrupt. Sadly, this happened before the movies became a huge hit, which would've certainly boosted the company's profits.

The fedora from Indiana Jones

Flickr / Cris
For a more practical example, we have Indy's hat. Most people can order an exact replica from Amazon, but it's not uncommon to get a similar type of soft-brim hat and call it a day. Indy isn't the only famous character using a fedora. A large portion of detectives, gangsters, and other types were seen sporting one in classic Hollywood cinema. 
In the present day, the fedora has seen something of a decline in popularity, if not outright infamy, due to its association with certain Internet users. However, the hat doesn't make the man, and the man doesn't always make the hat. If you like the fedora, there's no reason to not try wearing it.

Trench coat and glasses - The Matrix

The Matrix was a revolution in cinema, but it also popularized a certain sense of dress. The hypercolored, baggy radicalism of the 90's was replaced by sleek, all-black designs. The Matrix-inspired many young people to get black coats, black glasses, and some red pills (hopefully of the metaphorical sense).
Other than the coat, the obligatory dress code would include tight leather, belts, and high boots. All in black, of course. Maybe a black t-shirt or tank-top below? It really depends on the wearer.

A poster of Rita Hayworth - The Shawshank Redemption

Amazon / Diamond Labs
We're not all prisoners, though we can often feel that way. Andy Dufresne managed to win his freedom by digging a tunnel beneath a poster of Hollywood beauties. The first one was Rita Hayworth, followed by Marylin Monroe and finally, Raquel Welch.
While they may not help you dig any escape routes, these posters will certainly be a cool and affordable decoration, and you can always say you pinned them up in appreciation of the cinematic classics rather than to just watch beautiful bombshells hanging on the wall.

Everything from Harry Potter

The Harry Potter universe is quite different from traditional fantasy in that it takes place in a modern, industrial world rather than in ancient or Medieval times. That makes it great for all kinds of stuff that would be cool to use in real life.
For example, very few people wouldn't want Harry's invisibility cloak or his flying broom. There's also flying cars, tents with infinite space, talking letters, and countless other magical objects that make the Harry Potter world so damn cool.

Mad Max - the Supercharger

This iconic vehicle made its debut in the first Mad Max film and it has become one of the more iconic vehicles in cinematic history. On top of it's cool, recognizable design, the Supercharger was modified with traps and contraptions.
In order to start it, the driver has to initiate a combination of switches. The car's name is derived from the supercharger visible on its hood, which makes the car all that faster. We're sure that many people wouldn't mind the dog that lived in the car along with Max himself.