What does it mean to create contemporary music?

Tea, Ada & Edith share with us their life philosophy.
This is a story about three girls who play music and spread positivity! Meet me at the altar are Tea, Ada, and Edith and in this video, they are telling us their story and how they applied their relaxed positive philosophy in creating art.
The story about the band is quite peculiar and illustrates some of the flaws and thebenefits of being born after the age of 2000. They started working together in 2015 and until 2020 they are working and living separately in three different states. Everything that they have been working on was online with lots of text messages, facetime videos, and emails. Strangely enough, this way of working made them to their first tour in 2018 and first signed label contract in 2020.
The girls claim that they wouldn’t want to fit into any musical genre because they are influenced by many different styles. They simply want to spread positivity and this is how they see the role of the music: uplifting people’s spirit and changing the pop-punk genre through lyric storytelling.
All of them under and around 20 years old are part of Generation Z who are extremely open, impulsive, and living within the frame of exploring the world ‘right here and right here. With this in mind it is no surprise that the name of the band came from a very funny story: when Ada and Tea were exchanging text messages discussing how they should name their band and all was going in direction of Sub Zero as the name of their favorite Mortal Kombat character; both of them simultaneously said: ‘This is my favorite Mortal Kombat character’ then Ada texted: "Marry me! 'and Tea typed, "meet me @ the altar." And it just felt right for all that they are doing right now.