Best Hero Counters - Hero Wars Alliance

Guide how to beat even the most challenging heroes.
Hero Wars Alliance is a rock-paper-scissors game where even the best meta teams or heroes can be defeated with the proper counters.

Best Hero Counters Quick List

Aidan Corvus, Morrigan
Alvanor Celeste, Cornelius, Corvus, Iris, Phobos, Rufus, Xesha + Lilith
Amira Cornelius, Isaac, Lilith, Phobos, Sebastian, Xe'Sha
Andvari Satori, Sebastian
Arachne Andvari, Celeste, Jorgen, Nebula, Sebastian
Artemis Arachne, Helios, Jorgen, Phobos, Ziri
Astaroth Celeste, Morrigan
Astrid and Lucas Aurora, Chabba, Cleaver, Dante, Iris, Ishmael, K'arkh, Keira
Aurora Chabba, Corvus, Faceless, Rufus
Cascade Corvus, Iris, Jhu, Jorgen, Xe'Sha
Celeste Aurora, Cornelius, Isaac, K'arkh, Rufus
Chabba Galahad + Ishmael
Cleaver Andvari, Dorian, Lian, Peppy + Aurora
Cornelius Jorgen, Sebastian
Corvus Dante, Dorian + Daredevil + Elmir, Faceless, Fafnir + Dorian + Keira, K'arkh
Dante Arachne, Aurora, Dorian, Heidi, Helios, Jorgen, Lian, Martha, Phobos, Ziri
Daredevil Amira, Corvus, Helios
Dark Star Celeste, Nebula, Sebastian
Dorian celeste, cleaver
Elmir Helios, Helios + Dorian + Orion, Keira, Ziri
Faceless Andvari, Rufus, Sebastian
Fafnir Amira, Cleaver + Peppy, Jhu + Jorgen + Martha
Fox Jorgen, Sebastian
Galahad Artemis, Celeste, Chabba, Faceless, Fox, Jorgen, Qing Mao, Rufus
Ginger Corvus, Lian
Heidi Corvus, Lian
Helios Cleaver, Corvus, Jorgen, Rufus
Iris Amira, Aurora, Corvus, Julius, Lian, Rufus
Isaac Orion + Mojo + Alvanor + Mushy + Aurora
Ishmael Celeste, Helios, Satori
Jet Amira, Helios, Jhu
Jhu Alvanor, Arachne, Celeste, Elmir, Faceless, Helios, Jorgen, Martha, Thea
Jorgen Martha, Satori
Judge Maya, Sebastian, Thea
Julius Amira, Dorian + Daredevil + Sebastian + Elmir, Jorgen
Kai Andvari, Celeste, Rufus
K'arkh Andvari, Celeste, Satori
Kayla Corvus, Faceless, Maya, Morrigan
Keira Astrid and Lucas, Corvus, Helios, Lian
Krista Andvari, Cornelius, Isaac, Jorgen, Rufus, Sebastian
Lara Croft Alvanor, Amira, Aurora, Dante, Heidi, Helios
Lars Andvari, Cleaver, Dorian, Isaac, Jhu, Jorgen, Rufus, Sebastian
Lian Celeste, Corvus, Kayla, Nebula, Nebula, Sebastian
Lilith Isaac, Jhu, Kayla, Lian, Qing Mao, Rufus
Luther Cascade, Faceless, Fox, Maya
Markus Celeste, Chabba
Martha Celeste, Cleaver, Keira, Luther
Maya Celeste, K'arkh
Mojo Cornelius, Jorgen, Lian, Rufus, Satori
Morrigan Celeste, Cornelius, Ishmael, Jhu, Phobos
Mushy and Shroom Celeste
Nebula Dante, Dark Star
Octavia Heidi, Maya, Satori
Orion Cornelius, Isaac, Jorgen, Lian, Rufus, Satori
Oya Corvus, K'arkh + Fafnir, Satori, Yasmine, Ziri
Peppy Dorian, Jhu, Jorgen, Rufus
Phobos Corvus, K'arkh, Satori
Qing Mao Arachne, Chabba, Sebastian
Rufus Morrigan
Satori Celeste, Cornelius, Iris, Isaac, Jorgen, Nebula, Phobos
Sebastian Celeste, Helios, Jorgen
Thea Celeste, Cleaver, Jhu, Jorgen
Tristan Dante, Jorgen, Martha, Satori
Xe'Sha Amira, Cornelius, Fafnir, Jorgen, Morrigan, Phobos, Rufus, Yasmine
Yasmine Celeste, Corvus, Faceless, Helios, Iris, Peppy + Cleaver + Xe'Sha + Faceless
Ziri Chabba, Orion, Yasmine

How to counter Aidan

Morrigan blocks Aidan's ability to resurrect Kayla. In addition, Morrigan receives soul essence every time Aidan tries to do a resurrection.

How to counter Amira?

Cornelius - targets high-intelligence heroes just like Amira. He can eliminate her with one hit only.

Sebastian - he can add pure damage to heroes with critical hit stat. Even if Amira is blocking the critical hits, the pure damage can quickly kill her. Keira or Dare Devil are good combos for maximum damage output.
Lilith - her maximum health stat is higher than the one targeted, so Amira can only deplete 5% instead of 50% of her maximum energy.
Xe'Sha - Amira blocks magical damage for her allies lower than 45.299, but Xe'Sha has a higher stat. She bypasses this limitation.
Phobos - his damage is blocked by Amira, but he can still use his energy-stealing skills to prevent Amira from activating her ultimate or slow her down significantly.
Way of Eternity - Corvus, Morrigan, and Faceless - their magic defense perfectly counter Amira's damage.

How to counter Arachne?

Sebastian can activate a shield against stun and block Arachne's ability to stun.

Nebula can remove Arachne's negative effects with Serenity skill.

Celeste can block Arachne's healing and remove negative effects.

Ziri can make the enemy team attack her first and reflect all of the physical damage performed.
Helios can absorb any physical damage with his protecting spheres. He can also deal damage every time a team mate gets a critical hit damage.
Jorgen can stop the team from gaining energy and is super helpful with Cleaver, which can bring Fafnir to the front so Jorgen can also target him.
Phobos hits the enemy with the highest magic attack and transfers all gained energy. This can be a great blocker to Artemis.
Arachne targets the lowest-health enemy, which is usually Artemis in her meta teams.

How to counter Astaroth?

Morrigan - she prevents Astaroth from resurrection and summons a skeleton from his body.

How to counter Astrid and Lucas?

Iris can destroy Astrid and Lucas with one hit with her Inner Fire skill. It will damage Astrid and Lucas hard due to the Tracker's Marks applied to enemy heroes.

How to counter Aurora?

Chabba can swallow Aurora and delay her from dodging for the team and doing magic damage with her shield to the front line.

Corvus can use his altar to destroy Aurora due to her exploding shield and AoE damage abilities.

How to counter Cleaver?

When pulled by Cleaver's Rusty hook, Dorian can increase vampirism to nearby allies.

How to counter Corvus?

K'arkh does single-attack damage staying out of Corvus' altar radar.

Faceless can push back and stun Corvus and stop him from using his altar.

Dorian can help glass-cannon damage dealers to survive Corvus' altar by increasing their vampirism.

How to counter Celeste?

Cornelius - targets high-intelligence heroes just like Celeste. He can eliminate her with one hit only.

How to counter Dante?

Dorian increases the vampirism of nearby allies. All enemies pushed to the backline by Dante can benefit from Dorian's vampirism ability.

How to counter Fafnir?

Amira can deplete Fafnir's energy because his maximum health is below Amira's target.
Cleaver can use his rusty hook to move Fafnir to the front line, where he is most vulnerable.
Combined with Cleaver, Peppy can help damage the front line, targeting Fafnir, which Cleaver repositioned.

How to counter Galahad?

Jorgen - he shuts down Galahad's ultimate by stealing his energy.
Lian can block Iris during the whole battle with her charming skills.
Aurora can absorb a huge part of Iris' damage saving the whole team.
Amira blocks Iris's magic damage and blocks her inner fire skill.
Julius can absorb any damage and remove debuffs, making him a perfect counter to Iris.

How to counter Ishmael?

Helios can kill Ishmael with his spheres exploding at the front line.

Celeste can convert Ishmael's healing into magic damage.

Martha can survive Jhu's damage at the back-line, acting as a tank and healer.
Jorgen's can block Jhu's energy gain, preventing him from self-healing.

How to counter Judge?

Sebastian can remove Judge's adverse effects (stun) with his shield.

How to counter Julius?

High-crit teams that are targeting the front line are perfect counters to Julius.


How to counter K'arkh?

Andvari - he protects all allies from knock-up effects and blocks K'arkhs ultimate.

How to counter Kayla?

Morrigan blocks Aidan's ability to resurrect Kayla. In addition, Morrigan receives soul essence every time Aidan tries to do a resurrection.

How to counter Keira?

Lian - she slows down Keira and not allowing her to shine as a glass cannon.

How to counter Lian?

Sebastian - he can remove Lian's charms and unblock his teammates.
Nebula can also clear Lian's charms and also target her with her flying projectile and burn her energy.

How to counter Lilith?

Isaac - he can absorb all magical damage which makes Lilith useless.

Jhu - he usually attacks the backline where Lilith is positioned.

Qing Mao - she deals damage based on the hero's health. Lilith's health is constantly increasing by 3% for each enemy damaged, which increases Qing Mao's damage and makes Lilith an easy target.

How to counter Luther?

Faceless - he can reposition Luther back at the center of his team, not allowing him to distract ally heroes or take frontline damage until he moves back to his initial position.

How to counter Martha?

Cleaver - he uses his rusty hook to pull Martha at the front and expose her to a position usually held by tanks, which are generally taking a lot of damage.
Luther - he can jump in the enemy's team, stunning Martha and damaging her.

How to counter Morrigan?

Cornelius will target Morrigan if she's the hero with the highest intelligence in the team.

Celeste will convert Morrigan's healing into magical damage.

How to counter Mushy and Shroom?

Celeste can block Mushy and Shroom's healing and convert it into magical damage.

How to counter Orion?

Satori is a hard counter to Orion due to Orion's "Full Charge" skill which gives him the ability to receive additional energy with each attack.

How to counter Octavia?

Satori's Fox Fire marks can target Octavia before her allies are dead.

How to counter Peppy?

Jhu can effectively counter Peppy because he targets back-line heroes where Peppy usually is located.

How to counter Phobos?

Corvus - his altar will target Phobos when he deals damage to allies.
Celeste - removes Satori's Fox Fire marks with her purifying spheres.
Cornelius - he can kill a high-intelligence hero with just one hit. His damage is proportional to the intelligence levels of a hero, and Satori has much of it.
Phobos - his ability to steal and burn energy makes it a good counter to Satori, especially if Satori is the hero with the highest magic attack.
Jorgen - even if he's hard-countered by Satori, he can be a stopper for Satori's activation of fire fox marks. If you use it in your team, make sure you have heroes that can prevent Satori from his ultimate.
Iris is great with buffs and debuffs. She decreases Satori's magical damage when he applies his marks.
Isaac has great shields that can absorb all kinds of damage. He also suits well with progress heroes which can eliminate Satori before he actives his marks.
Nebula can clear Satori's fire marks, but there is a catch - she needs to stay alive long enough.

How to counter Thea?

Jhu targets the back line where Thea is positioned.

Jorgen can block energy gains for Thea, which are critical for her.

How to counter Tristan?

Satori can easily destroy heroes that gain energy over time which is the case with Tristan.
Cornelius - targets high-intelligence heroes just like Xe'Sha. There are a few heroes with higher intelligence stat, like Jet and Alvanor, so she's a perfect target for Cornelius.

Phobos can stun Xe'Sha and steal her energy.

Fafnir activates a shield that can absorb all of Xe'Sha's damage.

Amira can activate a shield that absorbs all of Xe'Sha's damage.
Morrigan can summon skulls with lower armor and become the new target of Xe'Sha while spanning the attention away from the other heroes.
Rufus is protected by magic damage and can bypass all Xe'Sha attacks.
Yasmine - targets and paralyzes the enemy with the lowest armor. And Xe'Sha is one of the heroes with the lowest armor. Be careful adding Yasmine if Faceless is in Xe'Sha's team because he has lower armor and stun ability, which might prevent Yasmine's ultimate activation.
Jorgen can steal energy from the enemy team heroes, delay their ultimates, and make sure Xe'Sha activates her ultimate first.

How to counter Yasmine?

Helios does damage based on the critical hits he gets from Yasmine and also protects nearby heroes with his damage-absorbing spheres. You can combine him with Faceless or Orion so he can benefit from the magic penetration buff.
Corvus' altar deals damage each time an allied gets hit. Every time Yasmine attacks, she will be hit by the altar.
Faceless can stun and return Yasmine to her initial position.
Celeste - removes Yasmine's poison with her purifying spheres.

How to counter Ziri?

Chabba can swallow Ziri, preventing her from burrowing, healing, and reflecting physical attack.