Fenris - Hero Wars Dominion Era

Fenris pet guide, pros, cons, skills, and patronage in Hero Wars Dominion Era.
Fenris in Hero Wars Dominion Era
Fenris in Hero Wars Dominion Era

Fenris is considered one of the best pets for physical attack teams. Aside from being good against physical attack teams, Fenris is also great against such teams due to his patronage effect.

Fenris needs to be leveled up to 130 to be effective and it is often used against bosses.
  • Has control skills - blinding
  • Increases the damage to blinded enemies
  • A lot of heroes to be patronage


  • No significant damage to mage teams
  • Blinding starts to be useful after you reach level 130
  • Blinding applies to physical attack only
Fenris Max Hero Stats
Max Power184543
Patronage Power11064
Skill Power12360
Armor penetration47911
Fenris Bonus Stats
Physical attack+6970
Armor penetration+9958
Fenris Resources Needed
Pet Potion
Chaos Particle
Soul Stones

Fenris Patronage

Boosts Heroes that deal Physical damage

Heroes that have blind debuff and can be in great synergy with Fenris are Artemis, Qing Mao, Fox, and Peppy. Sebastian's shield that prevents debuffs from being applied 15 times is also reduced significantly with each skill activation.

Fenris Skills

Fenris Thunderous Roar Skill
Thunderous Roar
Blinds enemies for 3 seconds and deals Physical damage. Chance to blind is lowered if the target's level is above 130
Damage: 21112 (depends on Skill Power)
Fenris Helpless Target Skill
Helpless Target
Passive skill. Blinded enemies take extra damage when taking physical damage.
Extra damage: 50% (depends on Skill Power)

Patronage Skill

Fenris Blind Rage Skill
Blind Rage
Master gets a chance to blind enemies with their basic attack for 2 seconds.
Blinding chance: 40% (depends on Patronage Power)
* The hero skills are based on maxed level skill on maxed hero.