Mara - Hero Wars Dominion Era

Mara pet guide, pros, cons, skills, and patronage in Hero Wars Dominion Era.
Mara in Hero Wars Dominion Era
Mara in Hero Wars Dominion Era

Mara's abilities are focused on control skills. This means that you can use her in defense to increase the duration of the ally heroes' control skills (e.g. Lian or Dark Star) and win some extra time for your team.

Mara is also very useful with Dark Star due to their ability to make an enemy hero fight on their side. She is a pet that mostly weakens the enemy team by slowing it down.
  • Extends team control skills
  • Slows down significantly enemy teams with control heroes when leveled up


  • Hard to level up
  • Not suitable if there are not many heroes with control skills
Mara Max Hero Stats
Max Power184543
Patronage Power11064
Skill Power12360
Magic penetration47911
Mara Bonus Stats
Magic attack+9958
Magic defense+9958
Mara Resources Needed
Pet Potion
Chaos Particle
Soul Stones

Mara Patronage

Due to her skills focused on control, the most suitable heroes are Fox (blind), Dark Star (fight on her side), Lian (charm), Faceless (stun), Astrid and Lucas (stun), Orion (stun), Lars (AoE stun), Thea (silence), and even K'arkh (due to his stun effects).

Mara Skills

Mara Darkguard Skill
Deals Magic damage to all enemies. Enemies hit while they are blinded, stunned, silenced, slowed down, or charmed take triple damage. Chance to deal triple damage is lowered if the target's level is above 130.
Damage: 16218 (depends on Skill Power)
Mara Mind Control Skill
Mind Control
Mara charms an enemy, forcing them to fight on her side for 3 seconds.
Success chance lowered if the target's level is above 130

Patronage Skill

Mara Deadly Weakness Skill
Deadly Weakness
Increases the duration of stun, blinding, silence, slow, charm, and mind control effects inflicted by the master.
Control effect duration increase: 200% (depends on Patronage power)
* The hero skills are based on maxed level skill on maxed hero.