Homescapes - Tips To Improve Your In-game Experience

Use this guide to level up without having to spend anything when you play Homescapes.
Homescapes is the original game in which Gardenscapes is an extension. The plot circles around Austin, not wanting his parents to sell the house, so he plans to renovate it in hopes of changing their minds. Your main goal is to get stars and use them to start renovating the place. However, can you do that without spending and buying anything? Of course, you can.
This article is a guide to help you pass levels, gain stars, and fix the house without spending asingle cent.

Aim For The Chains And Blocked Areas First

At each level, there are always challenges that test your skills and strategies. It may be through frozen or chained-up pieces and also enclosed in jelly. To break these hindrances, you must maximize the number of moves you have, and one of the best things to do is start clearing out the area to have more space to interchange pieces.
Once the level is free of hindrances, you can now start creating power-ups. On the other hand,you may also choose to have power-ups already so that you clear a large portion without usingup many moves.

Create As Many Power-Ups As You Can

Power-ups are a sure-fire way to win at any level. You only need to know which combos you should use and how to make them. For this game, power-ups come in bombs, rockets, paper planes, and a rainbow ball. Here’s how you can make them:
  • Combine four pieces in a box-like manner to create paper airplanes.
  • Combine four pieces in a straight line to produce rockets.
  • Create a T-shape to build a bomb.
  • Combine five pieces in a straight line to create a rainbow ball.
You can also combine power-ups to create a greater area of damage.
  • Rocket plus rocket
  • Rocket plus bomb
  • Rocket plus airplane
  • Bomb plus bomb
  • Bomb plus rocket
  • Bomb plus airplane
  • Airplanes plus airplanes
  • Airplanes plus rocket
  • Airplane plus bomb
  • Rainbow plus any power-up
Each combo is a big help in finishing tasks at a level without using up all your moves. As long asthey’re next to each other, you can easily create a massive explosion.

Take Advantage Of The "Retry" Reward

Some days, the system gives bonuses as part of your reward. It may be through free boosts or an unlimited time of retries. Retries allow you to go through levels without having to use up your five lives. These free infinite retries come in different time durations, like 30 minutes up to an hour. When you receive multiple retries, the time only adds up accordingly.
If, for example, you receive 30 minutes and receive another 30 minutes, your total retries will last for one hour. Make the most out of these infinite retries to ensure a winning streak and, overall, win more boosts and power-ups.

Connect Your Account To Facebook

Just like any other game, connecting it to your Facebook account has rewards. Most of the time, rewards come in the form of stars or coins. Connecting the game to your account ensures that you win a prize, and you can also connect with your friends who also play the game. You can send them lives and vice versa.
Another thing you can do is post about the game, and you’ll also receive a prize in return! The key is always to accept posting about the game or sending lives because it still has something in store for you.

Join A Team And Do Well In Tournaments

Joining a team may seem like an unimportant thing, but you get additional prizes for just playing a game! Tournaments exist so that different groups can compete regarding the number of stars they earn at a given time. The top three places usually have the biggest prizes. If your team gets to either numbers 1, 2, or 3, you’re sure to have multiple rewards.
The rewards consist of boosts, extra infinite retries, power-ups, and lots of coins.

Log In Daily For Freebies

Per day, the game gives you rewards for logging in, which is a great way to encourage other players to return and play. You can have boosts or power-ups and maybe a 30-minute retry.

Participate In Contests

Contests exist to keep things exciting and for players to further up their skills and strategies. You don’t have to search for these contests because they instantly appear the minute you load the game. While participating in the competitions, there are also additional rewards and boosts that you can use along the way.

Open Letters

When you complete a task or help another character in the storyline, they sometimes give you coins to say thank you.


To make things simple and easy to understand, Homescapes rewards you now and then for playing the game. Obtaining stars can be 100% easy and attainable as long as you have extra lives, boosts, and power-ups, which you can have any time. The key is to enjoy and make the most out of each gaming experience.