Biscuit - Hero Wars Dominion Era

Biscuit pet guide, pros, cons, skills, and patronage in Hero Wars Dominion Era.
Biscuit in Hero Wars Dominion Era
Biscuit in Hero Wars Dominion Era

Biscuit is a pet whose primary focus is weakening the enemy team by blocking its healing. It is considered a good counter to teams with multiple healers. Biscuit also deals magical damage but it is a preferred choice due to its ability to block healing first.

Biscuit is considered a healing blocker but you should consider that self-healing is not counted. This means that healers like Dorian (with vampirism) and even tanks like Astaroth (with self-healing), won't be affected by Biscuit.

  • Blocks healing of the enemy team
  • Deals magical damage
  • Slows enemy target


  • Self-healing is not blocked
  • Does not stop the vampirism effect
Biscuit Max Hero Stats
Max Power184543
Patronage Power11064
Skill Power12360
Magic penetration47911
Biscuit Bonus Stats
Magic attack+9958
Biscuit Resources Needed
Pet Potion
Chaos Particle
Soul Stones

Biscuit Patronage

Biscuit patronage skill makes it useful for a wide variety of heroes. Heroes that do AoE damage might benefit the most from this skill because they will block the healing of a larger count of enemy heroes.

Biscuit Skills

Biscuit Icy Storm Skill
Icy Storm
Summons an Icy Storm under the enemies. The Storm deals magic damage and prevents enemies from receiving any healing from anyone but themselves for 5 seconds.
Damage: 37165 (depends on Skill Power)
Biscuit Mighty Snowball Skill
Mighty Snowball
Biscuit creates a magic snowball, then throws it at the first enemy to heal itself. The snowball deals magic damage and slows the target. The throw takes 10 seconds to prepare.
Slow duration: 10.006 (depends on Skill Power) sec.
Damage: 18690 (depends on Skill Power)

Patronage Skill

Biscuit Stayin' Chill Skill
Stayin' Chill
Attacks made by the owner reduce the healing received by the enemy for 5 seconds.
Reduces all healing by 30% (depends on Patronage power)
* The hero skills are based on maxed level skill on maxed hero.
Sebastian and Celeste can remove the negative effects from Biscuit's second skill, "Mighty Snowball", but not the ones from his first skill "Icy Storm."