Digital art to fight climate change

Modern story of a girl who is working in the big environmental battle.
Living in a constantly changing world, it is very inspiring to witness someone who is using all of the modern instruments in order to combat the big challenges around us. The story of Nadia Nazar is a perfect example for a person who does exactly this: big global cause activist using creative art and design work towards tackling climate change. In this video she talks about her life now and what inspires her in her activism.
Coming from a family of marine biologists, Nadia is 18 years old artist and climate justice organizer, co-founder of Zero Hour. In this NGO, a group of young people follow climate change awareness actions and work on demanding actions from government officials and corporations in terms of being accountable towards climate change actions. Nadia’s affection is all about climate change and how it is affecting animals in the whole biological environment.
Step by step and striked by the emerging problems from human’s carelessness Nadia and her friends decided to institutionalize their activities in an organization in order to be more productive. Very soon she became the art director leading the team of artists and working with them with her passion on intersecting different art techniques such as digital creations and graphic design. The first activities were back in 2018 when she designed a couple of attractive banners and she presented them on a climate strike in Washington, DC. Later on, she found the power of social media as a huge influential resource on climate actions and nowadays Nadia and Zero Hour have become much more professionalized in their art design work and measures on bringing attention to some of the threats caused by the climate change. Being only 18 years old Nadia discovered her passion in life and how through digital art she could help the society to understand the consequences of everyone's lack of actions for global climate issues.