Professional soldier rates 14 famous naval Hollywood scenes

Let's understand which is the most realistic submarine scene.
Have you wonder how realistic are the naval military scenes in Hollywood? In this video, we see how the former submarine commander David Marquet watches 14 scenes from famous Hollywood movies and evaluates how realistic they are.
Watching block busters such as The world is not enough, U-571, K-19 and Aquaman, Marquet analyzes how the directors presented the life of a submarine naval from his first hand experience.
Which scene and movie gets an "A" according to Marquet and is the most authentic one: David evaluated the scene with submarine immersion in the movie from 1981 Das Boot with 10 out of 10. He explains the details how the whole staff is synchronized in such operation trying to hide from a potential enemy coming which is quite natural and very close to reality.
The scene from K-19 with the nuclear explosion is rated with 0 from the former naval. For him it is not possible for reactors on a submarine to explode but it is a part of the longlasting Cold war discourse of being involved in a nuclear war.
From David we also learn some very interesting facts about his career. For example, he shares that one can actually understand the country-origin of the torpedo by the sound it is making: in the US army they learn how to recognize and almost there is no way to hear music coming under water as some movies suggest.