10 Must-Watch Feel Good Movies & TV Shows

There's no better time to watch quality entertainment.
Papafox / Pixabay
Contagion being one of the most streamed movies during quarantine, we thought that something a bit more wholesome and full of love would be ideal to chase the blues away.
If you can't think of anything, the following feel-good movies and TV-shows are here to come to the rescue. This list is like good wine, a mix of oldies and newbies that defy conventions.
Beware, this is heavy duty stuff, side effects include non-stop smiling, heavy crying or worse... uncontrollable laughter!
You have been warned. This isn't a list of silly-nilly movies, this is powerful stuff.

Little Miss Sunshine – 2006

This road-movie is life at its most cruel, tender, sharp, WTF and loving. We follow the adventures of young Olive and her family as they head to a pageant show – hilarity and unexpected turns ensue.
And to add extra "shine" to this sunshine, the cast provides some regal acting with the incredibly versatile Toni Colette, the "boss" Steve Carell, the rising star Paul Dano and the devastatingly sweet Abigail Breslin.
This is definitely a feel-good movie that will give you the giggles and a tear – or a hundred – guaranteed!

Life is Beautiful – 1997

This Italian marvel may be one of the best movies ever made but the younger generations may not necessarily know this fact. And maybe you don't and that's wonderful – because that means you have never seen it and you will weep for the first time.
First and foremost, this is a story about love, mixed with comedic genius in one of the hardest times humanity has lived through... World War II. We aren't there, so, let's relax.
While the movie is set in an incredibly hostile environment, you will see that the grandiose humour of this Jewish man beats all odds!

Six Feet Under – 2001/2005

Be reassured, the name of the show isn't what you are looking forward to. This TV show mixes drama, dark humour and the stuff of life with fine elegance. This may be about a family owning a funeral home and the twists that are bound to happen with such a peculiar business, but more than that, it's about a family surviving this crazy life together with more or less, finesse.
This TV show should warm your heart, make you fall in love with its characters and to top that off, it's highly bingeable!

Outlander – 2014/Ongoing

After serving in World War II, Claire – a British Army nurse – finds herself unexpectedly back in 1743's Scotland. In this world she knows very little about, she must find her way back to her time and quite simply survive in a time that isn't her own.
This show clearly plays with some Celtic myths and fantasy. However, even if you aren't fan of the genre, you might also enjoy the historic value, the gorgeous Highland landscapes and the strong morals of the protagonists and a love story that quite literally trumps time.

Groundhog Day – 1993

This comedy classic is a must right now. In fact, when everyday seems to be similar, it might be the antidote we all need!
For those of you who haven't seen it yet, this movie is about a self-centred weatherman, Phil, that goes to a countryside town for an assignment. Very quickly, the highly cynical Phil will discover that Punxsutawney has a lot to offer, even if it doesn’t seem so at first glance.
And the cherry on the cake?
You get 100 minutes with the comedic genius that is Bill Murray. What else?

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – 2013

This pleasure for the eyes and the heart, rejects cynicism vehemently and make us travel into the world of a simple man, Walter Mitty. This character played by Ben Stiller will invite you to travel in his fabulous mind and travel to a visually stunning part of the world, period.
Sometimes, life may seem monotonous but this striking movie reminds us gracefully that imagination and a bit of courage can do wonders!

Chef – 2014

Chef is a comedy-drama that can be enjoyed by families, foodies, music lovers and adventurers alike. This fun and easy to watch movie was directed by Jon Favreau who also plays the leading role, Chef Carl Casper. Carl finds himself jobless and isn't doing a great job at being a father until he starts afresh… good vibes, obscenely good-looking food and great music ensue!
Chef inspired Cubano sandwich made by a foodie from Arizona:

Lawrence of Arabia – 1962

This film is EPIC, majestic, awesome, sweeping and based on real-life events. If you are recalcitrant to watch "old" movies, this one is for you!
It will bring you straight into the desert during the World War I Arab revolt against the Turks. There, a British soldier, Lawrence, will actively participate in helping the Arabs fight the Turks.
The production of this movie was massive and unsurprisingly, it shows. Get yourself ready for a full-blown immersion with this masterpiece of the 7th art.

Out of Africa – 1985

This movie is quite simply an ode to the African continent based on the memoir of the same name. It follows the adventures of a real-life aristocrat Karen Blixen (played by Meryl Streep) who’s travelling to join her husband in Kenya. Instead, she ends up spending money on a coffee plantation and falling in love with Kenya and... a wild British hunter (Robert Redford).
Short story short, this is an atmospheric movie with many cliches but it's hard not to find these bigger-than-life characters endearing and well, let's not forget that they actually existed!

Angels in America – 2003

Adapted from Tony Kushner's award-winning plays, Angels in America offers a wonderfully bizarre view of the US AIDS crisis – where social issues intermingle with sexual and religious realities.
An echo to a reality that once was, with a touch of actual angels, because hell, why not?
While this choice isn't light-hearted, it's definitely heart-warming. This is a great thought provoking mini-series that won't leave you indifferent. And let's not forget the interstellar cast: Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Justin Kirk, Ben Shenkman, James Cromwell, Mary-Louise Parker and many more!