Vex - Hero Wars Dominion Era

Vex pet guide, pros, cons, skills, and patronage in Hero Wars Dominion Era.
Vex in Hero Wars Dominion Era
Vex in Hero Wars Dominion Era

Vex is the choice for a pet if you want to increase the damage of your physical attack team. Vex is designed to support Marksman Heroes and is considered to have great synergy with Keira and Ginger.

Vex can be a great replacement for Fenris in terms of the physical attack it provides.
  • Boosts significantly the physical attack of its patronage hero
  • Targets the center of the enemy team
  • Increases physical attack


  • Not many heroes to be patronized
  • Should be primarily used with Marksmen heroes
Vex Max Hero Stats
Armor penetration47911
Skill Power12360
Patronage Power11064
Max Power184543
Vex Bonus Stats
Physical attack+6970
Magic attack+9958
Vex Resources Needed
Pet Potion
Chaos Particle
Soul Stones

Vex Skills

Vex Noxious Cloud Skill
Noxious Cloud
Vex creates a Noxious Cloud in the middle of the enemy team. The cloud deals physical damage and decreases the armor of opponents for 5 seconds.
Damage: 8044 (depends on Skill Power) every 0.5 seconds
Armor Reduction: 2601 (depends on Skill Power) every 0.5 seconds
Vex Curse of the Flesh Skill
Curse of the Flesh
Vex curses the opponent with the least health for 7 seconds, making them take 51% (depends on Skill Power) of damage from basic attacks that hit them and their allies as pure damage.
Damage dealt: 51% (depends on Skill Power) of basic attack damage

Patronage Skill

Vex Deep Wounds Skill
Deep Wounds
The owner's physical damage attacks give the target up to 5 stacks of Deep Wounds that vanish after 8 seconds. Every stack of Deep Wounds adds 5036 (depends on Patronage Power) damage to the further incoming physical attacks of all allies.
Extra damage per Wounds stack: 5036 (depends on Patronage Power)
* The hero skills are based on maxed level skill on maxed hero.

Vex Patronage

Even if most of the patronage heroes are Marksmen, Vex is considered to provide great synergy with Keira. Vex adds stacks of Deep Wounds that can increase Keira's damage significantly.