The first flying sports car has just been certified

One flying taxi to the airport, please!
Modern era and futuristic technologies are not a dream, they are already a reality. One century after the emerging ideas of cars with wings, engineers presented the first institutionally approved prototypes of flying cars. The slovak tech company KleinVision offered their first model of a car that is able to transform into a plane with only one button click. In this video we can see which are the main features of this vehicle that will soon occupy the car expos.
The wings come out from the car for less than 3 minutes and once stepping on a runway, it can begin its transformation, accelerate the speed and perform for us its test flight around the airfield. After a smooth landing, the car continues its journey on a regular highway.
The KleinVision co-founder Anton Zajac claims that one of the key benefits of their invention is that one can arrive directly to the aircraft without the hassle of regular airport and passing through the commercial security. And if we are not so sure about that, it is true that you can use the air car to go to the golf course, the shopping mall or your office and when you are done with using it, you simply park it in a normal parking spot.
The car makers confess that the most difficult part was to add the tail at the end in order to stabilize the machine. Moreover, in terms of design, an aerodynamic body is required and they use special carbon flight and composite material that will allow the whole composition of getting into the air. KleinVision kept the weight at 1 100 kg and additional 200 kg can be added so a family of 4 members can easily fit inside. The engine is from a BMW 1.6 liter 6-cylinder motorcycle for 140 hp. The authors presume a fuel consumption of 1000 km averaging 18 liters per hour.
In terms of total market share, they expect the flying car market to be worth 1.5 trillion USD by 2040 with an expressed interest from Toyota, Airbus and even the air sharing platform Uber. And even if we are not sure how soon every house will be equipped with a little runaway on the roof installed, the work on air cars has started and we are impatient to see what is next.