Counters to all heroes in Hero Wars Dominion Era

Find the right counter to each hero in Hero Wars Dominion Era.
Finding the right counter in the Hero Wars Dominion Era might be a tough effort. There are currently 61 heroes each with unique abilities and countless combinations when paired in different teams. The table below will help you find the right counter to each hero.
Aidan Amira, Arachne, Iris, Jorgen, Thea, Yasmine
Alvanor Amira, Arachne, Isaac, Satori
Amira Arachne, Isaac, Peppy, Thea
Andvari Amira, Peppy, Satori, Sebastian
Arachne Daredevil, Isaac, Jorgen, Peppy, Sebastian
Artemis Amira, Dante, Fafnir, Judge, Yasmine
Astaroth Alvanor, Amira, Celeste, Iris, Morrigan, Mushy and Shroom, Sebastian, Thea
Astrid and Lucas Aidan, Amira, Judge, Yasmine
Aurora Arachne, Corvus, Fafnir, Isaac, Thea
Celeste Amira, Arachne, Iris, Isaac
Chabba Amira, Fafnir, Peppy, Yasmine
Cleaver Amira, Andvari, Arachne, Aurora + Peppy, Dorian, Fafnir, Lian, Yasmine
Cornelius Dante, Daredevil, Nebula, Qing Mao, Yasmine
Corvus Arachne, Iris, K’arkh, Peppy, Satori
Dante Aidan, Amira, Arachne, Judge, Lian, Morrigan, Satori
Daredevil Iris, Peppy, Sebastian
Dark Star Amira, Dante, Sebastian, Yasmine
Dorian Aidan, Julius, Yasmine
Elmir Amira, Judge, Mushy and Shroom, Peppy, Yasmine
Faceless Andvari, Isaac, Julius, Sebastian, Yasmine
Fafnir Amira, Arachne, Peppy, Qing Mao, Sebastian
Fox Amira, Dante, Sebastian, Yasmine
Galahad Dante, Fafnir, Isaac, Peppy, Qing Mao, Yasmine
Ginger Aidan, Dante, Qing Mao, Yasmine
Heidi Amira, Corvus, Lian, Peppy, Satori, Yasmine
Helios Amira, Corvus, Isaac, Peppy
Iris Dante, Judge, Nebula, Qing Mao, Yasmine
Isaac Dante, Keira, Polaris, Qing Mao, Yasmine
Ishmael Arachne, Daredevil, Peppy, Qing Mao
Jet Arachne, Iris, Julius, Peppy, Yasmine
Jhu Aidan, Dante, Fafnir, Helios, Martha, Mushy and Shroom
Jorgen Fafnir, Isaac, Satori, Sebastian, Yasmine
Judge Amira, Arachne, Isaac, Peppy, Thea
Julius Amira, Isaac, Jorgen, Nebula, Sebastian
Kai Isaac, Jorgen, Peppy, Thea
K’arkh Aidan, Andvari, Dante, Mushy and Shroom, Yasmine
Kayla Corvus, Dante, Fafnir, Nebula, Yasmine
Keira Arachne, Dante, Nebula, Qing Mao, Yasmine
Krista Isaac, Jorgen, Peppy, Thea, Yasmine
Lara Croft Alvanor, Amira, Aurora, Dante, Heidi, Helios
Lars Arachne, Isaac, Julius, Sebastian
Lian Arachne, Peppy, Sebastian, Thea, Yasmine
Lilith Fafnir, Isaac, Julius, Sebastian, Thea
Luther Amira, Arachne, Jorgen, Peppy, Satori, Yasmine
Markus Arachne, Fafnir, Isaac, Jorgen
Martha Iris, Peppy, Qing Mao, Yasmine
Maya Corvus, Daredevil, Jorgen, Julius
Mojo Isaac, Sebastian, Thea, Yasmine
Morrigan Amira, Fafnir, Iris, Julius, Yasmine
Mushy and Shroom Amira, Daredevil, Iris, Isaac, Peppy
Nebula Amira, Arachne, Dante, Isaac, Mushy and Shroom, Sebastian
Orion Arachne, Fafnir, Isaac, Satori
Peppy Isaac, Julius, Kayla, Nebula, Thea
Phobos Iris, Isaac, Peppy, Thea
Polaris Satori
Qing Mao Aidan, Arachne, Dante, Peppy, Yasmine
Rufus Dante, Daredevil, Fafnir, Isaac, Qing Mao
Satori Arachne, Isaac, Julius, Sebastian
Sebastian Aidan, Amira, Corvus, Iris, Polaris, Yasmine
Thea Dante, Fafnir, Isaac, Nebula, Yasmine
Tristan Arachne, Dante, Daredevil, Judge, Satori, Yasmine
Yasmine Amira, Corvus, Helios, Peppy
Ziri Amira, Dante, Mushy and Shroom, Yasmine
There are two types of counters in Hero Wars - soft counters and hard counters. While both cannot guarantee you a certain win if you don't pick the right team, hard counters might significantly increase your chance of winning. So let's compare what are the differences in-between soft counters and hard counters in Hero Wars.
  • Soft counters - these are not considered direct counters but they can minimize or have a chance to block the skills of a certain enemy hero.
  • Hard counters - these can block specific enemy heroes for sure. Their skills or negative effects will be completely shut down so your team has a higher chance of winning.